Wednesday, September 14, 2016

October Horror 2016

I'm going to try to do this again... maybe I'll get farther than previous years.
I don't really have a list going in, but I've got my watchlist on IMDB to scour for stuff I've yet to see. The thing is, a lot of it is going to be tricky finding. A lot of it is small/indie or foreign or old... NONE of it is likely to be found on Netflix.
There are still serious gaps in early 70s horror for me... and there's lots of Asian horror I've yet to delve into. Probably some giallo and spanish horror as well. In a pinch I could go for some old Luchador stuff. If I get really desperate there's the various mid 90s horror franchises I avoided first time around... and truthfully, I've only seen a few each of the Friday the 13th, Halloween, and Nightmare movies. Slasher's just aren't my thing... so there's a lot of that stuff I haven't touched.
Hopefully I fall across more hidden gems like Absentia and June 9th... but again, they're not at the Redbox or Netflix... so even if I hear of them, tracking them down will be iffy.

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