Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Something I Noticed...

I recently watched Lords of Salem.
I liked it.
It felt just a bit undercooked... like a bunch of scenes were missing that would have set up the protagonist as having more to her life than being witch-bait.
I think it wanted to be a bigger movie than the budget allowed for... I'd have spent less on the woman's braided hair and more on a few scenes that let me care what happened to her.

Still, I liked it 'cause I like scary witch movies.

Why do so many witch movies have 3 witches, is it because of Macbeth?

What was the blue guy?

Then, a few days later I watched The Golem. The old German silent horror film.

What I noticed is that the creepy 'Lords of Salem' music is part of the score of The Golem that is repeated in various places.

I could probably do some fancy thing to set up clips from both movies showing what I'm talking about, but I'm too lazy.

Am I trying to say Mr. Zombie is a thief for stealing that riff? Not at all, I'm actually a bit impressed that he chose to make a call out to a relatively obscure silent horror film. How many of his fans are going to pick up on that?
Most likely he did it for his own chuckles. (I'm assuming, of course, that he did it... mostly because he's a musician and a horror fan and how else did that happen?).

Anyway, does that maybe mean the blue guy was a golem?
What was the blue guy?