Wednesday, November 28, 2012

American Horror Story?!!!

I just finished watching the first season of this show on Netflix… and… my gawd! It had to be the most ridiculous, kitchen-sink, melodramatic soap opera I've ever seen.
It makes Dark Shadows look like Citizen Kane!
It's pretty much 90210 where half the cast are ghosts and the plots are written by throwing darts at a chart to see what random horror trope to cram in next.
By the end of the series they've shoveled in loads of teen angst, limp sex scenes, birth defects, burn victims, urban legends, ghost rape (and ghost spawn), a mad scientist, a high school massacre, crazed abortionists, the Black Dahlia, the Lindbergh baby kidnapping (pretty much), more adultery than you can shake a very shaky stick at… creepy annoying/mutant/annoying/disfigured kids galore… and to top off the overstuffed, underbaked cupcake… they tossed in the freakin' Antichrist!

What a load!
Usually I'm all for the Freakshow Buffet but this show does it so clumsily... it all just lies there like last week's macaroni salad. 

If Jessica Lange weren't in it I'd have never made it past the first episode.

I'd heard singing this show's praises... now I gotta wonder what they were watching.

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